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What is FuseMe

The Problem

After attending career fairs and recruitment events, recruiters hope that students go home and fill out their online applications. They send emails as reminders to apply, with no guarantee of return on their campus recruiting efforts. All that is left is a pile of outdated paper resumes.

The Solution

We call it the FuseMe Bucket. When you send your employees to career fairs and other recruitment events, they can now connect with students through the FuseMe mobile application. After they fuse, students can apply immediately within the app, and recruiters are able to aggregate the latest versions of digital resumes in one place, your Bucket! (get it?)


How We Save You Time and Money

Conversation to application

After talking to and fusing with a potential recruit, they have direct access to your application link. With FuseMe, go from conversation to application instantly!

No more manual data entry

Stop having your recruiters scan stacks of resumes or manually enter contact information into your system. Connecting with potential recruits through the FuseMe app immediately syncs their information within your FuseMe Bucket.

Don't waste time updating old resume and contact info

Every time a potential recruit updates his or her resume or contact info, it updates directly in your FuseMe Bucket. Start connecting with younger talent and watch their resumes grow!

Keep your current recruiting process... we just make it faster

FuseMe integrates with any ATS, CRM, or spreadsheet directly from your FuseMe Bucket. No need to change anything in your current recruiting process - just speed up your time to hire with FuseMe!

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